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Santa Rosa Plaza may charge for parking

What do you think? Should the SR Plaza charge for their parking?

2nd Gen iPad debut

Poll: Will you be buying the new iPad?

This year for Valentine’s Day….

What do you hope you’ll wake up to on Valentine’s Day?

Staying cool while keeping warm

Poll: Do you pass up cuter clothing in favor of being warm?

Poll: Christmas Shopping

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Take part in our poll.

Holiday shopping

Online, locally, or at the stores of major retailers – where will you be shopping this holiday season?

Vote on your favorite eyewear style!

So many different styles, she couldn’t possibly pick one without your input!

Stylish Celebrity Moms

Looking to the stars for some mommy style.

Hideous Shoe Trends

Some hideous shoe trends just won’t die. But which one’s the worst?

Trend: Thigh High Boots

Autumn fashion has us reaching thigh-high.