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Petaluma Toy Stores

With Early Work Toy Station and Toys West closing, Petalumans may wonder where to go for toys, but quick thinking business owners are filling the gap….

Toyworks Downsizes

Marilyn Goehring and her husband John Goehring, owners of The Toyworks stores in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, are semi-retiring, leaving their son Jon Goehring, and Cristi Ronchelli, to run their stores.

30-40% off at Wee Three Children’s Store!

This won’t last long, so hurry in!

Local teacher creates Perplexus

It started out as an art project of local JC instructor, Michael McGinnis. It now tops the list for best toy for 2010. And a giant replica is on display at the College Ave Toyworks for a limited time.

Laser Pegs

The next hot toy has hit the market, and is available over at The Toyworks!

Annual Ladies Night Pajama Party

Sunnyside Cottage is throwing a pajama party shopping event, and if you are of the fairer gender, YOU ARE INVITED!

Toys topping the wishlists

While still popular, Zhu Zhus have been pushed out of the running for the #1 toy that is topping your child’s wish list. So which toy has taken its place? A farting dump truck. But never fear, annoying adorable tiny animals still make the list – several times. Read on for more hints on the toys that kids are asking for this year.

Seussed Out

Kohls is selling various Dr. Seuss books and characters for $5 each

Sunnyside Cottage

The smile-inducing shop that holds the perfect gift.

Hobbytown Petaluma

Scale modeling rocks.