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Secrets to a Successful GREEN Remodeling Project

David Leff and Pete Gang present green remodeling at a free seminar in Healdsburg on September 15th.

Julie Williams Design

A remodeling project of a local designer graces the cover of Woman’s Day.

Friedman’s Vegetable Gardening Clinic

Gardeners, newbies and seasoned, will find plenty of tips this Saturday for making their veggie garden grow.

Spring Home & Garden Show

With over 400 exhibits this year, the 23rd Annual Sonoma County Home & Garden Show is touted as the biggest spring show in the Redwood Empire.

Get Organized

House looking a little chaotic after the holidays? Friedman’s has everything you need to get organized – and it’s all on sale now.

Gift ideas for the D-I-Y guy

From power tools to tailgating, how to bring a Christmas smile to your favorite handyman’s face