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Rete celebrates 9 years

Rete celebrates their 9 year anniversary with a celebration for you.

Nicole’s Rock Revivals…and more

Denim and more at Nicole’s brand new website.

Denim Sale at Nicole’s

Fit your derriere in a hot new pair of denim….for less!

Anchor Blue stores closing

Anchor Blue is closing all their stores for good. What does this mean for you? HUGE closing sale!

Hot News! Free jeans at Gap!

Free jeans at Gap, limited time today only.

Nicole’s Fashion Boutique

Style without breaking your budget.

Obsessed with Denim

Do your jeans hang low? Do you hop to and fro – to get them on? Be a part of the denim obsession. Take the poll and let us know…

Denim Fit Sessions

Put your best asset forward during the Denim Fit Sessions at the Gap.