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My Girlfriend’s Closet

The grown up version of swapping clothes with our girlfriends.

Friedman’s Vegetable Gardening Clinic

Gardeners, newbies and seasoned, will find plenty of tips this Saturday for making their veggie garden grow.

Girlfriends Getaway Month

Thanks to the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, March is “Girlfriends Getaway Month,” with budget-friendly discounts and promotions a-plenty geared to women.

Vineyard Jewelers

The family owned jewelry store has been gracing our community with elegance since 1964.

RED: Half Pint

Valentine’s Day is for the ones that you love
But who’s more adored than your little cherub?

RED & Sexy

Ladies, if looking sexy is not your priority, WHY NOT?

RED: Artifax

Satiate your senses with the first chapter in the story of red, as told by Artifax.

Sisters Winter Sale

Sisters is holding their end of season sale right now.

New Year’s Eve 2010: Open in Sonoma County

Top dining and restaurant spots for NYE 2010.

Get Organized

House looking a little chaotic after the holidays? Friedman’s has everything you need to get organized – and it’s all on sale now.