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Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

How will you be thanking Dad this Father’s Day?

Memorial Day Sales

Some of our favorite Memorial Day sales events going on this weekend that you won’t want to miss.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

What do you give the woman who does so much for the family?

Bird’s Nest Antiques

The perfect shop to find the perfect gift.

Earth Day freebies!

Earth Day is a day for celebrating ways to honor the world we live in. And many companies are encouraging efforts that are made for a greener future by offering freebies to all you eco-friendly folks. Here are some perks for those of you who are going the extra mile to save the planet. Happy Earth Day to all of you!

Easter Goodies

Our wrap-up of all things Easter.

Looking for Mother’s Day Gifts

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day 2011

Green beer, corned beef and restaurants with seriously tasty Irish grub

If I were a Valentine’s Dress….

If I were a Valentine’s dress, I would be at…

Darcy’s Fine Jewelers

Darcy’s Fine Jewelers prides themselves in the exquisite jewelry they sell, including bridal pieces you won’t find anywhere else.