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Petaluma Toy Stores

With Early Work Toy Station and Toys West closing, Petalumans may wonder where to go for toys, but quick thinking business owners are filling the gap….

Starstruck Boutique – Get the Look

A look that’s chic but affordable.

First Date, First Impressions

Getting dressed for a first date can be torture. Luckily, Malia has some tips to help you out.

Golden Globes Red Carpet

Which ones were your favorites? And which ones made you cringe? Judge for yourself with ShopSoCo’s gallery of Golden Globe looks.

Wellies, coming soon to a store near you.

Forget your charger? With these babies, your phone will always be full of juice.

A return to the classics

With Mad Men shaking up fashion right now, it’s exciting to see a return to “lady like” dressing.

Back to School – Teen

Looking for style tips for your teen? Trust me. They know what they want. I have turned over the expertise to none other than someone who knows what teens want to wear – a teen.

Ask ShopSoCo: Justice Fashion for Third Grader

On a recent article, Jill asks: “I want to get my daughter some new clothes to mark the start of the school year. Her favorite store is Justice. Anything from there you especially recommend for a rising third-grader who wants to stand out a bit? Thanks!”

Back to School – Skater Pt. 2

Even 9 year olds can have fashion sense when it comes to what to wear, what not to wear, and the true name for certain looks.

Back to School – Skater Pt. 1

Skating into the new school year in some shreddin’ threads.