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Have a Border’s Gift Card?

In the wake of Borders recent announcement it’s folding up shop, those holding gift cards from the bookstore chain may have cause for concern.

Bathing Suit shopping tips

Planning on bravely showing your body off on the beach to perfect strangers? Here’s tips on finding the right style of suit for you.

Best and worst end-of-year gifts

What do you give the people that have been shaping your child’s life all school year long?

10 things for $10

Quick! You found an extra $10 in your pocket and don’t know what to do with it! Let us give you a couple suggestions…..

Looks women love, and men hate

Some fashion trends are popping up that women are going gaga over, and men are left scratching their heads.

First Date, First Impressions

Getting dressed for a first date can be torture. Luckily, Malia has some tips to help you out.