Shop Local, Shop SoCo

Shopping is more than just finding an item and purchasing it to take home. So much more. It’s gabbing with friends while trying on the latest product at the make-up counter, getting in some quality girl time. It’s the thrill of finding a phenomenal deal on something you’ve always wanted. It’s trying on a dozen new pairs of jeans until the ONE screams out that your derrière looks amazing. It’s being surrounded by vibrant colors and beautiful things until you can start imagining your own home in a whole new way. It’s coordinating that perfect outfit for that night out you have planned, or just for a day at the office. It’s the shimmery scarf that changes the whole look of a simple black dress, or the wedge sandal that shapes your legs under a flowing skirt, or the red throw pillow that transforms a beige couch into something exciting and new. It’s the time to unwind and just be taken in by new and fabulous items that long to be admired, tried on, and placed in a bag to be owned by you.

We get it. And we are scoping out all the local stores and deals to make your shopping experience even more rewarding. Join us as we embark on the amazing journey of shopping local!

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