Larkfield welcomes music school and store


Luke Herbert, 8, of Santa Rosa takes a guitar lesson with Wayne Lazar at Sonoma County School of Music on Old Redwood Highway

Sonoma County School of Music opened its new doors last month, providing the area with the only music store between Santa Rosa and Fortuna. The store offers music lessons and sells and rents instruments. Although music stores in the area haven’t typically fared well, owner Wayne Lazar of Windsor hopes for the best. “We offer everything a musician could need, and we teach a variety of styles– jazz, classical and rock.” At the same time, “budget cuts for music in schools have created a higher demand for stores like us.” The music store originally opened in Larkfield Shopping Center in May, but last month relocated to its current location across the street. Several factors prompted the move. The most urgent came about during a heat wave: condensation from the air conditioner began to pool and leak into the store, causing water damage and mold problems. In a music store, air conditioning is necessary to keep the instruments at a stable, cool temperature. Lazar also wasn’t thrilled with the previous location’s visibility. The new location, directly across from the shopping center on Old Redwood Highway, is easier to see and to find. Since the move, walk-in sales have increased.

For more information, stop by the store at 4795-B Old Redwood Highway or call 526-1200.

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  1. what's cookin' with Kate 12. Oct, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    Nice to see a music store in our neighborhood. Best of whishes for success.

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