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Taking on the essence of the world, Robindira Unsworth is a boutique that celebrates beauty existing in all the cultural corners of the earth. Once the best kept Petaluma secret in a small section of the McNears building, jewelry designer and style expert Robindira Unsworth is delighting fans of her artistic treasures by expanding with a brick and mortar shop in the center of downtown Petaluma.  The company is known for their jewelry, clothing, and accessories, and can be found in over 300 high-end boutiques across the country.  And the new Petaluma store, sweetly scented with aromatic soy candles, houses a design staff that crafts the adornments seen on the shelves of the diverse boutique.

Robindira Unsworth shows the inspiration Robindira has received from her many travels around the world, honored in international elements that include colorful scarves, cultured handbags and cuffs, exotic jewelry, and other eclectic curios that bring the world to the palm of your hands.

Join the excitement over the Grand Opening of this new store at their celebration being held Saturday, July 9th from 5pm-8pm. Many items under the Robindira Unsworth line are exclusive to this new location, and a 25% discount will be offered on all jewelry the night of the event. 10% of the evening’s proceeds will benefit the Carousel Fund, a group that raises money for the families of critically ill children. And drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served throughout the night.

To RSVP for this event, call (212) 421-6482 or email

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