Moms mimic teen fashions

For decades, fashion has been a major source of rebellion amongst teens wishing to carve a name and persona about them. It’s the way they exude their creativity and how they best give others a sense of who they are. And many times, those fashions are inspired by the stars and celebs they see on stage.

Dressing like their parents? They wouldn’t be caught dead. But a new study has found that the styles many teens are adopting are putting their fashion on a pedestal for another group of people – namely, MOM.

More than 300 moms (average age 44) and daughters (average age 16) were polled about each other’s sense of fashion, and whether they would dress the same. It wasn’t surprising that teens, even when they thought of their moms as fashionable, did not want to dress like their mothers. But moms, on the other hand, were more than eager to dress like their teen if they liked their daughter’s sense of style – especially if the mom viewed themselves as “young at heart”.

But while teens liked when their mom got stylish, they weren’t really keen on the idea of their mom dressing like them.

“They really tend to copy the way they dress up, the things they wear,” study researcher Ayalla Ruvio, a professor of marketing at Temple University in Pennsylvania, said. “We did some interviews in a study published elsewhere, and [moms] told us they borrow items from their teenage girls. The teenage girls didn’t really like that.”

Do you find yourself mimicking your daughter’s style? Or have you found yourself sharing the same style with your mom?

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