It’s official: Borders bidding farewell

Borders has officially given notice that they are closing the doors of all their Borders, Borders Express, and Waldenbooks stores.   Everything in their store, starting today, is up to 40% off it’s original price.  This is the last chance to use Reward Bucks, as they expire July 31st.  Borders Rewards Plus Discounts will still be accumulated and able to be used up until August 5th.  And gift cards are still accepted throughout the whole event.  It’s not especially clear as to when the stores will officially close shop, but it can be presumed that it will be somewhere in the first week of August.

Here is the letter they sent to all Borders Rewards Members this morning:

Local Borders stores are located at:

(707) 569-0991
2825 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa

Borders Express
(707) 542-7065
538 Coddingtown Ctr, Santa Rosa

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