Looks women love, and men hate

Women are known to be the trend-setters when it comes to fashion.  Think I’m lying?  What percentage of photos are men to women at the awards shows?  How many suits are being ogled over the elaborate gowns and jewels?  And closer to home, check out the people in your office.  The guys can get away with wearing a different variation of the same suit every single day.  But women, we are to wear florals, prints, solids, stripes….  Our outfits possess a wide variety of not only color, but style.  And if we don’t, it’s noticed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  It’s actually more fun to be a member of the gender that gets to take risks with style.  And that brings me to the next point:  Men might think we women are dressing for them, but they’re wrong.  Truth is, women dress more for each other than for men.  I mean, think about it.  When was the last time a man came up to a woman and said “That looks so cute on you!  Where did you get it?”  In all honesty, we women dress to be seen by other women, admired, perhaps even envied. 

But that’s not to say we don’t care what men think about our looks.  Truth is, we do.  We want men to find us pretty, sensuous, and sexy.  However, some perspective needs to be put in place regarding the difference in opinions over what we think is hot, and what men don’t.

8 looks women love, and men hate

 Harem Pants

This look can look hot, and it can look NOT.  And while I’ve seen a couple Harem pant looks that were intriguing enough to attempt, I have to generally agree with the men on this one.  If not done right, there’s danger of being accused of hiding a dookie in that oversized diaper look.  And nevermind that Hammer pants went out, thank goodness, in the 90s.  Unless you’re resurrecting some “I dream of Jeannie” fantasy, don’t wear this crotch at the knees look just to impress your guy – because you won’t.


Fashion is all about bringing styles of the past and retrofitting them for the future.  And this look has been raised from the dead and popping up everywhere.  Even Jennifer Lopez was seen flaunting this look at a recent showing of American Idol.  In general terms, I’d agree with the men and say this is a fashion don’t.  But seeing Jennifer, I’ve changed my mind.  My new take is this is a fashion don’t…unless you’re J Lo, or love to look like a really tall toddler.


We’re not talking about the ones that keep your hair back from your face (though I’m fairly certain guys don’t appreciate the ease of these genius inventions), we’re talking the throwback to the flower child 60’s that creates a mushroom look on your head.  Um, I think I figured out why men don’t get this look…

Gladiator Sandals

We women love our buckles, straps, and leather.  And sandals like these make us feel sexy.  Maybe it’s homage to something earthy and natural.  Or maybe it’s kind of kinky in a dominatrix sense.  But men aren’t seeing it that way.  From Style UK:  “Please don’t wear them. I will have to spend my summer desperately trying to block out a mental image of Russell Crowe in a loin cloth. I mean, he was bad enough in The Quick and The Dead.”


Great on their own, under a slouchy shirt, or under a mini.  Leggings cinch in problem areas, create length, and are the latest and greatest in looks women love.  But not according to men.  As Yahoo! Shine pointed out, it’s reminiscent of being in a ski lodge.  And I have to admit, wearing leggings is like screaming  all your lower body flaws through a blowhorn. 

Red Lipstick

It’s hot.  It’s bold.  It’s sexy.  And it’s a total turnoff for men.  I mean, how does a man kiss bright red puckers when he knows it’s going to end up all over his mouth?  Personally, I don’t care.  Better kiss me before I paint my lips.  On the same note, sticky lip gloss has the same appeal – totally hot for women, not so much for men.

Oversized sunglasses

Originally these were brought into fashion way back when to keep the sun from hitting the corners of the eyes, preventing sun damage and crow’s feet.  After a couple decades of tiny frames, they’ve been brought back and are seen everywhere.  I admit, it’s a fashion that took me some time to embrace.  But I love them.  Guys?  Not so much.  Something about the “bug look” turns them off.


Yet another look that women love, and men just can’t understand.  During summer, women are wearing boots.  Not to mention it’s like wearing slippers in public.  My retort?  If men had to wear heels most days, they’d find Uggs an embraceable fashion trend as well.

Disagree with any of these?  Have a few other style situations that need to be addressed?  Weigh in.  What are some misunderstood fashion trends of the female persuasion?

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4 Responses

  1. Patricia013 01. Apr, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    Good article and I agree with everything BUT I was disappointed that you didn’t include looks men LIKE.

  2. Mdme B 03. Apr, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    I don’t agree with the red lipstick and lipgloss. I think it adds to the suspense of waiting until later and the look is totally worth it!

  3. Mdme B 03. Apr, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    Also leggings are great too – on slim people who can carry them off.

  4. Zack 25. Jan, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Great article. I’m a 26 year old guy and I can tell you that men love leggings on women if they are wearing a thong. When you wear regular underwear they don’t fit correctly and don’t hug all the curves. So if you’re going to wear it, wear it right! They are very sexy for all body types when work in black (no other colors allowed for most days), which is super slimming.

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