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Cami-secret is the latest in “As seen on TV” promos, geared to conceal cleavage when wearing a low-cut top. It promises to cover the girls easily and effectively when wearing a favorite top to the office that shares a little too much of the valley, as well as to keep lookey-loos at bay. For $10 (plus S&H), you can get 6 pieces of cloth fringed with lace that hooks onto your bra, hiding the ladies either a little, or a lot.  What do I think?


A classic look you can't go wrong with, available at Old Navy

It’s not that I don’t agree with changing up our favorite tops so that they’re office appropriate. It’s that these cloth pieces are hardly attractive and will totally take away from the outfit. However, cleavage is definitely a problem when it comes to proper office attire. Because a woman has so many different styles she can choose from to dress up, office attire has become a questionable subject – especially in regards to how much sexy should be brought to the office. Every office is different, of course. But in an office setting, it can be distracting when your outfit is saying something totally different from your mouth. Just recently the California Assembly enforced women who were visiting or working at the courts to wear a jacket or sweater when entering the chamber.  They have since lifted the requirement until their dress code can be reviewed. But the reason behind the rule was to promote a sense of professionalism. In other words, it was to hide cleave-land. And it’s not just cleavage that is impeding the work process; it’s the too-short skirts, the spaghetti strap tops, the halter-tops, the fishnet stockings, and the outfits that are sheer or see-through.

But just because cleavage and the like isn’t invited to the office doesn’t mean that fashion isn’t allowed either. You can still look adorable without your chest meeting your chin. Pair some bangles to a flowy dress, like the cute Crinkle Paisley Dress at Coldwater Creek in Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa.  Glam up Old Navy’s plain black Sweater Dress by adding a floral scarf, a chunky bracelet, and leggings with heels. Have a strapless shirt or strappy tank that is just begging to be worn in the light of day? No problem. Enhance the look with a shrug, like the one by Twillow from Silk Moon in Sebastopol.

And, of course, there is still that little cleavage sitch. How much should be allowed? It depends on the size of the dames. If you have been blessed by the boob fairy, you might want to keep your neckline a little higher than the average girl. Sporting on the smaller side? Reveal 25% or less. Basic rule of thumb is to keep all attention towards you, and not your chest. And if the low cut must be worn, find a cute camisole to wear underneath – just promise it will be a little cuter than a piece of cloth with lace sewn up at the top.

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