Petaluma store hits Elle magazine

Petaluma store hits Elle magazine

Open up this month’s Elle Magazine, and you’ll see stores featured from London, New York, Paris….and Petaluma.

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Flattering Tunic

Long sleeve tunic for casual to elegant.

Patagonia warmth

Ultralight and trim down jacket so insulated, it wears like a sweater.

Cookie Johnson designer denim

Straight leg and flattering fit for lovely ladies.

UGG Button Boots

Genuine sheepskin to keep her feet fashionably warm.

Blue Zircon Pendant

Give her something beautiful this holiday

Kids Art Easel

A creative outlet for creative minds.

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Take her breath away when asking for her hand.

Vintage Print

A gift under $50 to bring someone a smile.

Chardonnay Indulgence Gift Box

A little indulgence just in time for the holidays.